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Status on him

Posted by revie03 - March 23rd, 2023

EXE is not dead. But it will take me a while to get him right. There is a lot on the cutting room floor currently, and some things still in drafts, but a lot already done. I don't want to promise or deny anything, but as long as I'm still here I am going to continue working on his overarching story, worldbuilding and ideas. A healthy amount of plot beats are set, but I will not be disclosing it.

I will say, I have plans for this to be a set of stories. Whatever media or medium they come in will be determined only with time, but one I can confirm is a comic. I am still in the process of writing and mapping said story, however. Again, a lot of the key moments and ideas are written and locked in, so this is not something being done from scratch.

What I can also currently give is a proper, final reference for EXE and his faker form. This is not subject to change, but the sprites attached might be. Feedback on the sprites is appreciated by any means. I want to shoot to realign him with my original vision, a reinterpretation of 2017 sonic.exe, and a feral monster. There was a lot of dawdling done in the past, and for that, I apologize. I want to put my best into this character a fair amount of people have come to care for, and a character I still very much cherish.

Once more, I will NOT confirm or deny story stuff that wasn't already public, but allow me to rectify any character misconceptions in the replies. Thank you all.

Small Things I will say (notes may be added here from time to time):

-EXE's game/story is titled Sonic Prototype 2017.

-He is incapable of human/English speech again, or rather can only speak in very specific circumstances I will not get into.

-The Black Sun is still an object of importance, but no, it’s not the source of his power. It doesn’t nullify shit either, I don’t know where people got that idea. EXE’s strength is without assistance.

-EXE's game does NOT take place in a Sonic ROM. It's just a ground-up Sonic Game, the ROM thing was a misconception meant to say his game passes itself off as just a ROM.

-He does NOT have a version of the cult, do not follow the wiki's info on that.

-More info regarding the Harbingers will come out eventually.

-And lastly, be wary that things established may or may not stick. I have everything in mind but I have simply not found my way to put it out yet.


NOTE: this is far, FAR from being the final spritesheet. I wanted to give a small taste of his look before I settle on anything. Again, feedback is appreciated.




not cool man i was about to finish my EXE sprites for my friday night funkin vs sonic.exe revival now i have to do it all over again
Jokes aside, this new design fucking rocks, the longer snout really does make Faker look a lot more bestial, can't wait to see more updates on what you have in store for him.

This looks amazing from the sprites to the art can't wait to see what you got planned

He looks so amazing now, good luck in what you have in store for him!

this right here is that good shit

holy shit the new beast form sprite OUGHHHHHH
does he still have an ethereal form? i remember you saying you would re design it months ago before you left i believe

he does but i haven't settled on a new design for it yet

holy shit the pitbull..

Nice to see his new design! Love it a lot also nice to see you kinda making a return I wish you the best of luck with this!

Question. Is the EXE comic the same one that was initially teased on 4chan, or is this a completely new project?

same one

@revie03 alright awesome shit
if u dont mind me asking are the harbringers still a thing? i assume since no cult = no tilen + him being closer to being a rewrite for 2017 sonic.exe (again) which also makes me question if the harbringers are still around

Dude this new design fuckin’ rocks! Definitely an improvement over the last design. Also may I ask, who drew the refs? Just curious if it was you or someone else. Either way, really good shit.

the artist would rather remain anonymous for now

@revie03 understandable, but I commend both of your work on this, I’m very excited to see where you’re gonna take EXE. Looks very promising.

these look sick

Less goooooo

i personally really enjoy these sprites, and an actual new official reference is very clear, i would suggest making his legs a bit thicker? in the parts in which they connect with his feet, they feel like chicken legs aha, in the sprite i mean
otherwise this is actually really good, i had been saying for a long time how i believed that the black parts in his body wasnt just shading but actual colors, glad i was correct
two small questions regarding design, is his nose flat? as in flatter than sonic s nose? and, that stripe on the side of his forehead, its supposed to be a scar right?
also could we get a full resolution of these references? i can hardly read the white one and i do wanna see the design on its full glory

feedback on the sprite is appreciate, i'll see if i can make it work.

his nose is like a bear/animal nose, so yes somewhat flat. with the new snout i wanted to separate it from the misconception of it being a skull nose, because I wanted to base his design off 2017 x.

As for high-def reference on the transformation, here. https://files.catbox.moe/pfjtt7.png

@dabigM445 @revie03 ethereal form? what's that?

I think Faker(the beast form) looks a LOT better compared to the appearence in the FNF mod


@revie03 perfect! thank you and uh, could we get also a full res of the faker form and beast form references? they are visible but they are very small (since i cannot download them through your post here they look blurry and very small) also i love that, big nose fella

good to know good luck and goodlooking i wish you luck on your trip.

@revie03 thank you!

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