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Sonic Prototype 2017. That is the working title for the game itself and the story/universe itself.

absolutely incredible work as always, loving the new look as well as your art. cannot wait to see what you have in store for him. are you looking for any help with this project if i may ask?

what can you do?

I really love these so far!
But i suggest making the faker form in the pixel sprites a bit more similar to the real sonic, as it is a bit obvious to tell that he's fake.

Also i got a couple of questions that ive been wondering since you said you were gonna change the lore.
- Will EXE still be connected to 2011 or Lord X like in the previous lore, or will he be independant?
- Are The Harbingers still a thing?

Also will there still be a game for him or is that idea completely scrapped?

I hope you are doing well

The harbingers are still a thing
The game depends on the final medium I decide on, the sprites might not even be in the style of how I want the final game to look.

@revie03 i can do pixel art, pixel animation, digital art and animation, aswell as traditional art

perhaps send me examples in dms, i can't say for certain if i'll get help quite yet.

Awesome stuff here, love the pixel sprites here. Hope whats in store its as awesome as this art.

If you ned help with some pixel art... Yknow.....


@revie03 will do!

I really like how his design look so far. Favorite thing personally here is the sort of mid-transformation sprite.

hes very funky i might do a song concept for him

very much impressed seeing the new design-work for EXE now. seeing the mixed elements of his original designs and as well the statue of how 2017 X was portrayed i think works very well for how you're portraying them now.

i like these sprites a lot as is here too, i don't really have much feedback outside of seeing a friend comment something similar to the legs being a bit too stick-ly, they could have a little more beef on em; outside of that, these sprites rock as is.

the new ideas and set concepts for the transformation of EXE into his more feral form are also very nice and well explained. hope to see more from this, and as a whole see how the story plays out now. good stuff revie.

RIP the old design I guess.

@revie03 Cool!
By any chance. Is it possible for me to join creating the game if you decides to do so?
I'm able to do any types of art (including pixel art) and also animate.

I can send some of my work if that is possible

i would refer to my latest news post.

@revie03 Alright then i just show stuff there or something?

excellent work revie, I have always been a fan of your work... I know you said before that you are not looking for help for now and that you are looking for more advice on how to improve the design

Although I tell you if you need help, I would be willing to help you in any way I can with my pixelart and animation skills ... anyway, I wish you luck in your Sonic Prototype 2017 project

That's really neat

Hi Revie! I hope you're doing well :D

@Convoy1709 bruh i had pixel sprites done for old faker til' this happened :crys:

@wowthatscoolman epic fail

Damn, looks pretty neat. Keep up the good work

Is his connection to Sonic.exe/Lord X/whatever still part of the lore?

he looks even more cooler than before gaw dam!!

he looks even more cooler than before gaw dam!!

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