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2017 Sonic.exe

Posted by revie03 - June 2nd, 2023

I'm just remembering how the story spent two paragraphs talking about how Tom spends his time watching the dark knight and eating pizza

And lingering on the 21 grams experiment like a body doesn't lose weight decomposing already

Oh and also Sonic has human feet and hands, it's kind of gross



Are you talking about the one JC made or JoeDoughBoi?

jc, joe at least TRIED to make the design look okay

sonic.exe 2017 would be much better if it was told in some sorta vlog transcript format if you ask me

Yes, I remember that.

@SuperGoku6446 JC The Hyena

JC was certainly one of the writers of all time

Why every time someone talk about 2017 Sonic.Exe, i'm feel more happy of never have read the story ?.

i have read it 8 times

now me personally, i find it cool that he has human feet and hands, cuz its disgusting and that makes the "I DONT WANT YOU TO TOUCH ME" factor even more strong (:<

The whole thing with the Xbox 360 controller always bugged me

@Guard425 @revie03 WHAT.

why did you have to mention the hands and feet

I hope the protagonist blueballing the reader by eating pizza and watching Batman for like 20% of the story also plays a part in Sonic Prototype 2017 for accuracy's sake

i’m defaulting all the irl stuff to the harbinger mini stories

I'd lose my shit if the creepypasta started talking about how the protagonist likes Teletubbies and is unhealthily obsessed with every little detail about the show, and then gets a copy of some lost episode and is like

"I don't remember this episode"

It would make me go "My protagonist in christ, you're a superfan with knowledge of funny tinky winky show, how did this slip past your radar"

Then the watch the episode and Ourple Teletubies kills protag

Lord X and Red from Nes Godzilla are held in high regards for good reason

@ShellDrake Tom Sonic.exe 2017 used and Xbox 360 controller to play 2D sonic game?

He just like me fr?

I'd love to imagine if he has human ass behind him as well LOL

dont fucking give me that mental image

The only parts ive liked Were:
-the way the doll was used,and how it transforms into X's face,i liked that.
-the way Tom was written IS actually good.
-the game parts(exept for Fiona,WTF was JC drinking to make that????)

Also i realized that tails death in the old EXE animations was Taken from the remake lol.

Anyway,the remake was well better than the og pasta,better writing, however it still had those grammar mistakes,that failed goal to scare the reader,and JC's barely disguised fetish.

I could rewrite the thing into a science fic story,not a horror one tbh.

revie why tf did you read the story like 8 times

because i have to constantly research it as reference

@revie03 How didn't you die after reading such bullcrap for like 8 times?