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Last FNF related post (I hope and pray anyways)

Posted by revie03 - May 31st, 2023

Considering the re-evaluation of policy on Gamebanana, You do not need to ask my permission for use of Faker.

In regards to Starved Eggman or Furnace Sonic, I still strongly request and urge people not to use it for mods, due to its history and the discourse their FNF affiliation caused the creator/previous owner.

Whoever chooses to respect that, you have my thanks.

I'm working on my projects, I've been distracted by this long enough. Until then, everybody.



Alright, hope and this is the last time it's talk about FNF too.
I have other sites for that.
Here is to see Your work, either progress with EXE and its comic and game ( which I will wait patiently since I am interested ) or Your sprite art.

do inspired exes still count?

Technically can't you just file a permission ticket on their site or something like that to have the ban remain

i frankly do not care enough to keep dealing with this wild goose chase.

@revie03 As far as i can read from their convoluted ass rules it would just be a one time thing you'd have to do but honestly i really do not blame you for not even bothering with this shit anymore, i'd be tired as well
Hopefully now that the 4 year olds are busy with their Vs Sonic.exe Returnal of the Encore Dead mods real exe creators can just focus on their stuff in peace

@AdeliFlame she just said he doesnt care basically, people can use faker again apparently

@Kiryu153673 yes i know i can read
i'm talking like takes on the boy


I see.
And on the topic of Faker/EXE, what are the requirements to add him in other stuff like games, lore and what not?

i respect this decision entirely, and just hope that you'll be able to finish all your' passion-projects.

For @revie03
Please revie, let use Faker in EXEmerge.
I know Avery is trash and the shit he did to you, but are you going to deny the use of your EXE to artists who just want to make a quality mod?
Please Revie, I'm a big fan of yours, and I know they never meant to disrespect you, I just ask that you give them a chance.
Those guys LITERALLY posted that even though Gamebanana's policy has changed they are not going to put your character out of respect, please tell them yes.

With love and practically begging you
A 14 year old fan of yours

@CoffeeVhs58 100% not happening and you know that lmfao

1% probability
99% faith
Maybe it can be done, I trust :')

@CoffeeVhs58 You realize Revie hates that mod right? For many reasons.

@Syrolander I trust, I know that maybe it can be done :')

@CoffeeVhs58 Well then prepare yourself for disappointment.

@Syrolander Yeah... I'm ready, I just hope revie can understand that I'm the only one in this, I sent myself on this "mission" (set by myself) and that I really want to see his character in that mod.

@CoffeeVhs58 leave her alone dawg, we are not adding him back in because we promised it, because we respect her and because its deserved, i do not aprove of going out of your way to bother her like this, as a director, just let revie breathe kid, her mental health and peace of mind matters more than any fnf mod and we are doing fine
just let it go

Sorry revie, sorry for insisting, I really had faith, but I ended up getting a scolding from the EXEmerge account itself.
Sorry, I still love your work❤️

@PenUmbraNoctis Yes.. I got it

Hello, sorry if I borrow your time but you have no issues with your characters in non-fnf stuff like some story n things like that?

nope, no issue


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