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some prototype notes

Posted by revie03 - March 23rd, 2023

EXE's faker form actually lacks teeth completely. Not in the sense he's hiding them behind his lips or gums, his mouth is actually sealed shut now until he wants to eat or mutate into the true appearance.

However, the dilating pupils/liquifying eyes is no longer the process.

EXE has no strict tooth count or placement either, I just picture them as jagged shark teeth growing in.

He also is still typically about 9 feet tall/3x the size of a normal sonic character, in the true form. His head however is still the same size as it was in the faker form. The new sprites shared now accurately reflect that scale and I hope people would follow that for future reference.

The victims are still consistent, Lucas, Kyle, Alice, Jake, and Gary. More might be to come.

Something else, I would like to state once more the designs shared are final. If there's one thing set in stone it is this.




i cant even tell whats going on with EXE's eyes.

Ummm, Ok.
Also now I noticed, EXE always look like angry, there is one time where EXE change of expresion ? or He always have that face that say something like "Don't F@#c up with Me or you are Dead".

can you send the full res version

Maybe EXE could have an eternal form like this, similar to Lord X's eternal form? https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/revie03/the-original

@revie03 Question, what ever happened to that godspeed version of exe (unless it wasn't canon to the actual story but just for the sonic exe mod)?

@xhizalol I assume that they’re fleshy parts coming apart that look like eyes when put together

Would EXE add back his eye things in beast form just to fuck with his victims a little bit more? I can send an example in dms if you’d like.


i would like to ask, if we will be getting updated animations of EXE s kills? my favorite one is how he kills alice, and also is the "godspeed" design still canon or physically possible for him?

How long did it take you to design Faker?

Hi Revie. Just asking, what's your opinion on the EXEmerge mod, which heavily uses EXE?

Hi Revie, i am big fan your work just wondering after you're done with EXE are you stay on the internet since alot of my friends are wondering that after all the stuff that happened on the last year

Just A Couple of Questions. Number 1 of 3. What Is EXE's Current Personality (I Plan to Use Him In a DND Campaign if its ok with you)? Number 2 Would EXE Be Willing to have allies? and the 3rd and final one. Would You mind if i Use EXE In Some Stories? For Example i was Planning for My EXE to make A Alliance with EXE. If Not Its Completely Fine!

i'm glad my man went from "ur too slow lol" to actual fucking monster
i know i've been a EXE fan for some time but i'm glad he has a better design cause the uhm, old design?
ehh it wasn't that good now that i see this lol

pardon me for always being "that guy" but could we get a catbox link to the full res of these if thats alright?