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Stuff regarding fan content for EXE

Posted by revie03 - March 23rd, 2023

I figure I make this as a ending post for today's stuff, but I am still fine with particular EXE content. HOWEVER, I lay these ground rules.

-Ask me for permission to include EXE in any games or lore. He has very specific requirements and a very isolated story, and I don't want people fucking up what he is. Although, best to assume my answer will always be no. Don't go spreading that bullshit.

-Of course, artwork is fine, I can't stop that and I don't want to stop that. Just don't do the fetishy sexual bullcrap if you can help it.

-Lastly, despite EXE not having an english speaking voice, I do want to give the people how I want him to sound now. Follow the Gravemind from Halo 3 as reference. It's pretty much how he talks, just not in English. Video for reference: https://youtu.be/ve9iRKOKHbw




Oh em. So do i have to remove him from my mod or change him up to fit with how his planned lore should go?

Hey Revie, Is it okay for me to make a Friday Night Funkin' mod based on Exe and his lore?

i legitimately could not care less about the beep boop mods im trying to make a sonic horror story here

is madzilla still faker's va?

faker doesn't have a voice. It's literally only the beast who has a voice.

anyone can make up a voice for the faker form, but a shoddy sonic/teenager voice attempt is ideal.

@revie03 interesting,,

i wanna ask what do you want to be reffered as other than revie?

Amazing, just amazing, there are only a bit of things i would suggest for EXE beast form desing, The bits of bien in EXE's legs and arms, that was cool, a bit less of chicken legs lol, no offense obviously, and just saiying but, could you make the beast form to have the gloves connected to the arms again? it looked amazing, thanks for the attention, have a amazing day revie!

do you mean on the sprites? im not changing the final reference.

@revie03 i mean, in the desing, it would be cool if you could re-add the connected gloves and the bits of bone EXE had in His arms and legs

1, it is connected
2, it wouldn't make sense now

@revie03 when I was referring to the connected gloves I meant that It would be cool it still had the classic bulges of sonic's gloves but connected, but thanks for the answers, Also this a random question, but what EXE would choose? Messi or Ronaldo?

Hello @revie03, how are you today? I hope you’re doing well.

I wanted to ask if it’s possible to include EXE in a comic me and my friends are working on. It’s called “Sonic Execution”.

EXE won’t really play that much of a significant role in the story, furthermore; our story is completely non-canon to the lore of all the Exes.

Thank you very much.

I've followed that comic, i think before, is it the fleetway one? if so i dont mind that one specifically

@revie03 yes, it’s the Fleetway one, the one where Fleetway fights off a bunch of EXES (this is the prologue stage of the comic).

I wanted to ask another question if you wouldn’t mind. The lead artist (@imlazyashecklol), wants to make a mini comic connected to Sonic Execution, where both Faker and Movie Sonic have a fight.

He wants to get your character right, so is it possible you can provide the details of your character?

Yo hi hello @revie03
Quick question outta curiosity,
I have a take on faker I've made. He has different lore and a vastly different design and I planned on using him for a comic I plan on making in the future.
Is that cool?

@NeonBearLol @revie03 ummmm, revie, what does that mean? is it a "yes" or a "no"?

would EXE speak on spanish?

he would not speak any human language. at most he speaks or recites broken english or very few nonsensical phrases

I’ve always wanted to make an exe game but never knew where to start. Is it okay for me to make an unofficial 2d version of EXE’s game?

@Garufis @revie03 I know that you said he doesn't speak any human language but by any chance does he speak Latin? Or any forgotten language?

could I possibly make my Sonic.exe character, Katharcean, related to him? In his lore Katharcean was an attempt by EXE at creating a loyal right hand, however, this backfired, and once Katharcean was created, he betrayed him. To contrast EXE, he has the power to control ice, as when he betrayed EXE, he fled to a Dimensional Backwash called the Permafrost, in which the latent ice magic of the endless icy waste influenced him, and gave him the power to manipulate ice

@FangsterXD @revie03 maybe it's own related language or something connected to X and his world itself